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Big Foot Collection by 101 Copenhagen, coffee tables, side tables, benches and stools in fibre concrete and upholstered in sheepskin and linen, modern minimalist pieces for home, hotel, restaurant, office or lobby.

With its modular design, Invi adapts effortlessly to various spaces, offering endless options for customization. Invi consists of two modules, where Module 1 always forms the base on the floor, while Module 2 is used to build in height. Whether as a bookcase in the living room, a sideboard in an entrance hall, or a dividing element in open spaces, Invi enhances the aesthetic appeal of any setting. Its many combination options allow for unique configurations, building it up tall as a bookcase or stand alone as a console table, makes Invi a versatile choice.

The creation of Invi involved a seamless collaboration between Yonoh Creative Studio and Gejst, marrying visionary design and commitment to quality. Starting with the concept of an asymmetric module, Yonoh Creative Studio developed the iconic zig-zag structure that defines Invi's core, which means that the modules can easily be joined together and extended. At the same time, the zig-zag structure acts as a natural end to each shelf, which can function, among other things, as an integrated bookend.

Through continual refinement, the team ensured not only its visual allure but also its practicality and user-friendliness. Gejst's manufacturing expertise and adherence to high-quality standards further enhanced the product, resulting in a shelving system that harmoniously merges form and function.

Narrow shelving that can be used free standing or against a wall.

  • Material: Solid oak legs/posts & oak veneer shelves

  • Finish: Black stained oak, satin finish

  • Care: Use a soft dry cloth to clean product. Do not use household cleaners.

  • Assembly is required, hardware & instructions are included

  • Max load per shelf 10 kilograms

  • Module 1 base model, can add onto height with Module 2

  • Measurements: Module 1 - 39.685" L x 12.125" W x 19.5275"H

  • Measurements: Module 2 - 39.685" L x 12.125" W x 14.2125" H

  • Measurements: Module 1 + 2 - 39.685" L x 12.125" W x 33.74" H


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