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Known around the world for their classic cylindric shape and timeless design by Erik Magnussen since 1977. The EM77 vacuum jug is a genuine Danish design icon, found in the studios of architects and in private homes all over the world.

The EM77 vacuum jug is known for the unique rocker stopper that makes single-hand serving possible.

The slim, tall silhouette ensures that the jug doesn’t take up much space on the table. Due to this design detail, it is possible to display several EM77 vacuum jugs beside each other at a breakfast buffet or bar.

The many colour options and two sizes (1L and 0.5L) make it easy to differentiate between coffee, tea, and hot milk.

All components for the vacuum jug are available as spare parts to extend the lifetime of the vacuum jug – environmentally sustainable and money-saving.

Studio Nordhaven exclusively distributes leading Scandinavian brands, including Stelton, Gejst, Rig-Tig, 101 Copenhagen, Sera Helsinki, and Nordstjerne in the USA and Canada.


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