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Stelton's Pilastro drinking glasses make for a lovely addition to both casual table settings as well as dinner parties or other get-togethers. Due to the conical shape of the glasses they can be stacked and thereby take up as little space as possible in the cupboard or drawer. See how the light plays in the grooved rippled surface of the glass with water, juice or cocktails.

Product Details:

  • Machine blown glass, clear

  • Stackable

  • Perfect for everyday use

  • Safe for dishwasher (max 55 °C), microwave and freezer

  • 0.33 L capacity

  • Design by Francis Cayouette in 2020

Large drinking glasses in the popular Pilastro series – perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. Francis Cayouette is the designer behind the Pilastro drinking glasses. Like the rest of the Pilastro series, the design was inspired by the Art Déco style of the 1920s, and the conical shape and grooved design of the drinking glasses make them both streamlined and elegant. The drinking glasses are ideal for water, juice or drinks, and are also suitable for hot drinks such as coffee and tea. All in all, a great everyday glass that looks elegant but is also sturdy and can easily withstand daily use and the dishwasher.

Stelton's Pilastro wine cooler or vase makes for a lovely addition to both casual table settings as well as dinner parties or other get-togethers. Chill a bottle of wine in the cooler, or use as a vase for a floral arrangement and see how the light beautifully plays in the elegant grooved surface detail of the glass.

A shaker with rippled glass and polished steel, making it a decorative addition to the drinks cabinet, as well as perfect for conjuring up amazing cocktails. The shape is based on the traditional Manhattan shaker, which consists of three parts: a container, a filter and a lid. The lid is designed so that it can also be used as a 2 cl. measuring cup. Design and function go hand in hand in this cocktail shaker. The dimensions of the design make it easy to handle when mixing cocktails in the home bar. Its size also makes it ideal for creating individual drinks. As with the rest of the Pilastro series, designer Francis Cayouette found inspiration for the design of the Pilastro shaker in the elegant and functional Art Déco style of the 1920s.

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