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Design icons for hotels, restaurants, conference facilities, and catering - from glassware and cutlery to rugs and coffee tables - our selection of elegant and durable Scandinavian design is often ready to ship and in-stock for your next project.

Studio Nordhaven exclusively distributes leading Scandinavian brands, including Stelton, Gejst, Rig-Tig, 101 Copenhagen, Sera Helsinki, and Nordstjerne in the USA and Canada.



Iconic Danish design objects known around the world for their classic cylindric shape and timeless design. Treat your customers in style and luxury. Studio Nordhaven works with leading procurement groups to outfit your hotel or restaurant. Explore some of our brands iconic products that will create a beautiful first impression with your guests.

Cylinda by Arne Jacobsen available to hotel, restaurants & hospitality in USA and Canada

The EM77 vacuum jug is known for the unique rocker stopper that makes single-hand serving possible. The slim, tall silhouette ensures that the jug doesn’t take up much space on the table. Due to this design detail, it is possible to display several EM77 vacuum jugs beside each other at a breakfast buffet or bar.

  • The many colour options and two sizes (1L and 0.5L) make it easy to differentiate between coffee, tea, and hot milk

  • All components for the vacuum jug are available as spare parts to extend the lifetime of the vacuum jug – environmentally sustainable and money-saving

  • The Stelton bread bag is perfect for breakfast buffets and individual bread servings at the table. It takes up a minimum of space when not in use and is machine washable at 40ºC

  • The EM77 electric kettle has a high performance that causes it to boil the water quickly with a minimum of energy consumption – environmentally sustainable and money-saving

Cylinda-line is for those that appreciate Danish design history, exclusivity and lifelong elegance. Designed by renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen in1967 and is considered an icon in Danish design tradition.

  • Cylinda-line is for anyone who aspires to heighten their serving of tea or coffee to an extra level. It is especially suitable for creating an elaborate table serving experience

  • Cylinda-line consists of a range of products all in the classic steel expression, making it possible to create a full tea or coffee experience with a milk jug and sugar bowl in the same exquisite design

  • Its minimalist, cylindrical design is now, more than ever synonymous with exclusivity and sophistication

Emma, a design classic, known for its clean lines and innovative material combinations with steel and moulded beech wood, that lends to the Danish design tradition from the 1950s.

  • The Emma vacuum jug comes in two sizes 1 liter and 1,2 liter making it easy to distinguish between coffee and hot water for tea

  • The Emma electric kettle is cordless and supplied with a removable limescale filter, dry boil safety switch, and switches off automatically

  • The moulded beechwood handle lends warmth to the design and gives the jugs a welcoming and characteristic Nordic look

  • A design line suitable for everyone that wants to add a Nordic design aesthetic to their hospitality experience



Greet your guests in style and make a beautiful first impression with 101 Copenhagen.

101 Copenhagen products can transform any hotel lobby, reception area or bar/lounge room into a stunning modern centre piece. Explore their collection of lighting, furniture and ceramics to add modern luxury and contemporary styling for your project procurement.



Modern minimalist sustainable rugs for hotels, eco-hotels and LEED certified facilities

Modern minimalist rugs that are unique and Finnish designed. Crafted by hand from start to finish sustainably and ethically made from pure sheeps wool with no dyes or chemicals, retaining the lanolin making them more resistant to stains and dirt. The rugs support disabled persons, single women and building communities in Ethiopia. Perfect for eco-hotels and LEED certified hotels with sustainable and ethical considerations. Customs sizes and designs available.



Gejst offers modern Danish design with high quality and a sense of playfulness, from serving trays and tables to tabletop and accessories. Perfect for the hotel spa or bathroom is the Hook, which comes in oak, black or walnut with brass, chrome or black brackets - allowing hospitality designers to coordinate with their decor. The Leery lamp in white or black, makes the perfect lamp for a desk or bedside.

From the bathroom or spa to lobby accessories both seasonally and year round, Nordstjerne's beautiful and simple Scandinavian products add warmth and comfort. Sustainable LEED certified and eco-hotels will love the SUSTAIN collection which includes paper maché bowls and folding holiday ornaments using reclaimed materials. Partnering with retailers these products can be sold in hotel gift shops & spas, that offer unique quality products or be used for display.

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