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Iconic Danish design objects known around the world for their classic cylindric shape and timeless design. Cylinda-line is for those that appreciate Danish design history, exclusivity and lifelong elegance.

Designed by renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen in 1967 and is considered an icon in Danish design tradition.

Cylinda-line is for anyone who aspires to heighten their serving of tea or coffee to an extra level. It is especially suitable for creating an elaborate table serving experience.

Cylinda-line consists of a range of products all in the classic steel expression, making it possible to create a full tea or coffee experience with a milk jug and sugar bowl in the same exquisite design.

Its minimalist, cylindrical design is now, more than ever synonymous with exclusivity and sophistication. The vacuum jug is a genuine Danish design icon, found in the studios of architects and in private homes all over the world.

The Champagne cooler was launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cylinda-line and inspired by Arne Jacobsen’s original AJ wine cooler/ice bucket designed in 1969 as part of his bar set. The simple cylindrical shape in stainless steel makes for a striking silhouette in any interior. Absolutely ideal for chilling Champagne or wine, the handle blends beauty with practicality, making it easy to carry.

Add cylindrical elegance for your glasses with the AJ Coaster Set by Arne Jacobsen. The set comprises six glass coasters and a discreet holder to stack the coasters when not in use. Avoid drips and glass rings on the table. The AJ Coaster Set features a minimalist design that puts the spotlight on the drink. An attractive element of the Cylinda-line collection from 1967.

A beautiful, classic cocktail shaker serving delicious cocktails in any bar or at home. The cylindrical shaker is stylistically consistent in satin-finish stainless steel and looks really neat and simple. The lid fits the container perfectly and slips easily into position, ready for you to shake your cocktail.

The Arne Jacobsen ice bucket is a strikingly elegant ice bucket in an attractive, minimalistic design. The ice bucket comes in two sizes with a capacity of 1 L and 2.5 L. Complete the look with the Arne Jacobsen ice tongs in the same timeless and iconic design.

Clean-cut ice tongs in satin-finish stainless steel. Elegant, practical ice tongs with useful holes at the grip end to grab the ice and also allow excess melting ice to flow back into the ice bucket. The AJ Ice Tongs match both the small and large AJ Ice Bucket and can easily be attached to the ice bucket.

Mix and serve with style. Serving a home-made cocktail elegantly is easy with the AJ Martini Mixer from the Cylinda-line range. The Martini Mixer has a smart mixer spoon for stirring the cocktail ingredients before serving. The Martini Mixer looks amazing on the AJ Serving Tray, styled cylindrically to match.

The functional design of the cylindrical AJ Jug makes it practical for everyday use and special occasions. The jug holds 2 litres of water and has a clever ice lip to keep the ice cubes in the jug and the water chilled. The black handle is comfortable to hold and is set at the ideal angle for pouring. The AJ Jug is the stylish iced water jug for your table for any occasion.

The familiar, classic revolving ashtray by Arne Jacobsen. A practical ashtray with a revolving lid that covers cigarette butts and eliminates odour. The cylindrical design and functionality make this ashtray a design object in its own right. Use as an ashtray or for stones and shells when serving pistachio nuts or olives.

A cylindrical salad bowl with all superfluous details stripped away. The bowl looks magnificent with its stainless steel satin finish. Its simple shape is decorative without stealing the limelight from the salad accompaniment to the meal. Add the finishing touch with the matching AJ Salad Servers for an elegant twist to serving at the table.

AJ salad servers Attractive, slender salad servers designed by Arne Jacobsen for the classic cylindrical Cylinda-line range. The long, slender shaft of the salad servers contributes to their elegant appearance. Practical in length, the servers fit small or large salad bowls. The cylindrical styling is evident in the handling surface of the servers. To create a completely clean look, add the simple AJ Salad Bowl designed to perfectly complement the size of the AJ Salad Servers.

A practical and attractive serving tray from the timeless Cylinda-line range. With its stylish design, this tray is a discretely decorative addition to the table. The tray has practical handles that elegantly echo the cylindrical shape and make it easy to lift off of the table. The serving tray looks amazing teamed with other items from the Cylinda-line coffee or bar set.

The classic salt & pepper set is an iconic addition to your table, both for seasoning your food and as a decorative element. The cylindrical shape that is the basis of the range is visually calming and adds a touch of harmony and exclusivity to your table.

A strikingly elegant tea pot. The classic and sophisticated tea pot in a minimalist, harmonious design is simply an icon and it was one of the very first products in the 1967 Cylinda-line range. Serve tea from the pot or just enjoy the stylistically consistent, uncompromising design of the AJ Tea Pot in your home.

The classic AJ Coffee Pot designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1967 was one of the very first designs in the Cylinda-line range. This was modern, cutting-edge design in its day, and the coffee pot soon became an icon. With its clean lines and design, this coffee pot remains stylish decade after decade. Use it for serving coffee or hot chocolate, while enjoying its attractive cylindrical shape.

The most elegant press coffee maker to suit any coffee table. AJ Press Coffee Maker is double-walled to retain heat, so the taste and temperature are just right once the coffee has infused and the plunger has been pressed. This press coffee maker is for everyone who enjoys a well-made cup of coffee and loves a beautiful and classic design on the coffee table.

The Cylinda-line's minimalist creamer is attractively designed for a stylish coffee table. The cylindrical design radiates simplicity - with no superfluous details to spoil the uncompromising design.

Classic, cylindrical-design sugar bowl. The bowl has a neat lid to protect the sugar. The lid has a practical opening for the sugar spoon to allow the spoon to remain in the bowl. With its simple design, this bowl can also be used for small snacks.

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