Juuret Collection

Kide, Kaarna, Polku, Kuura, Retki, Aaava, Tuohi, Hanki | Design: Anna Suoheimo

Juuret, Finnish for 'roots', is a tribute to traditions.  Founder of Sera Helsinki, Anna Suoheimo combined the artisanal roots of Ethiopian rug craftsmanship passed down for centuries, with her roots of nature, seasons and wilderness in Finland.  The result is a beautiful collection of modern, unique, minimalist rugs that will last a lifetime.

Woven rugs are 50% cotton and 50% pure wool with natural lanolin which repel stains and dirt.


Woven height/thickness - 1/4" H

KIDE   Woven | White + Black

North American Sizes:

7' x 9'

8' x 10'

9' x 12'

10' x 14'

Custom Sizes Available